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Learn how to draw step by step

Paint Basket
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Even if you have never picked up a pencil before, you can learn how to draw like a professional!

How to Draw Step by Step - Lets Draw pencil drawing course contents:

Part 1   Intro & Pencil Drawing Equipment
Part 2   Pencil Sharpening Techniques and the Basic Pencil Drawing strokes
Part 3   Pencil Smudging and Erasing Techniques
Part 4   Tonal Values and the Tonal Chart
Part 5   Light, Shadows and Reflected Light
Part 6   Pencil Drawing Transfer Techniques
Part 7   How to Draw Berries in Pencil Step by Step
Part 8   How to Render Planes and Angles - How to Draw Rocks Step by Step
Part 9   Pencil Cross Hatching Techniques and Exercises
Part 10   How to Draw a Teddy Bear Step by Step
Part 11   Pencil Scumbling Techniques - How to Draw Fish Step by Step
Part 12   How to Draw Textures
Part 13   How to Draw an Old Barn
Part 14   How to Easily Draw Complex Scenes
Part 15   Dimensions and Perspective in Pencil Drawing
Part 16   How to Enlarge and Reduce your Drawings
Part 17   How to Use a Grid to Redraw a Photo
Part 18   How to Draw Animals
Part 19   More Animal Drawing Exercises
Part 20   Finding and working with Vanishing Points
Part 21   Composition Techniques
Part 22   How to Draw Outdoors
Part 23   How to Draw a Still Life
Part 24   How to Draw Foliage
Part 25   How to Draw Flowers
Part 26   Protecting and Framing Your Drawings

To anybody thats thinking about taking the pencil drawing course with Nolan and The Paint Basket.

Don't think, just do it!

In this course you learn about everything and then some...
After the course I couldn't believe that I was able to draw so well. Paint Basket really leaves nothing out of this course and the tutoring is the best I have ever experienced

Dalene - South Africa
I learnt so much is this drawing course. I had fast responses to any questions I had. I felt that Nolan was really interested in you learning and understanding the material. And I especially enjoyed it when Dennis was a quest teacher. The warmth that was generated by Nolan and Dennis made one feel so good about the course. It is such a joy to learn from people that have a sense of humour and really enjoy passing on their expertise. No sale pitch just wanting to help you learn....rare these days. Thank you
Marguerite - Canada

What you get on the How to Draw Step by Step - Lets Draw pencil drawing course :

  • Full Colour pdf notes (over 300 pages), with as many photos and drawings as required to show you EXACTLY how to do each step.
  • Step by step instructions on how to draw every lesson and more.
  • Practical exercises as well as the theory are covered so you gain the ability and confidence to draw subjects outside of the course material.
  • Watch the course lesson videos at any time, as often as you want- Videos are usually around 10-20 minutes each. There is no better way to learn than by seeing how to do it, so we have added heaps of videos to compliment the pdf course.
  • Access to our special How to Draw forum where you can post your course drawings for our personal feedback and suggestions.
  • Post your course questions in the dedicated forum and we answer them for you.
  • and much much more.

Learn to draw outdoors

Even experienced artists say they learn a heap of new techniques on this course.

Without fail, every single person that has learnt to draw on our course has improved their drawing skills dramatically. We get such awesome results not only because of the quality of the course material, but because of the special techniques we use to teach our students. After conducting and fine tuning this course for over 20 years, we have developed special techniques to actually teach anybody to draw like a professional. Take a look at the progress of only a handful of the thousands of students that have already been on the course (you can click on the drawings to enlarge them) :

How To Draw before pictures

Learn to Draw before picturesLearn to Draw beforeLearn to DrawLearn to Draw before course

How To Draw during the course

Learn to Draw during picturesLearn to Draw during picturesLearn to Draw duringLearn to Draw duringLearn to Draw duringLearn to Draw during

How To Draw during the course

Learn to Drawafter picturesLearn to Draw afterLearn to DrawLearn to Draw after course
(Your results may vary depending on the effort you put into each drawing, how well you have grasped and executed the techniques and how long you have been drawing.
Remember practice makes perfect.)

This course had helped hundreds of new as well as experienced artists improve their art

Watch the video on how to draw

Learn to Draw video

Watch the video on how to draw

Learn to Draw video

Watch the video on how to draw

Learn to Draw video
10mm Drawing Grid

Learn to Draw video
Half inch Drawing Grid

Watch the video on how to draw animals
Download the pdf on how to draw animals
Learn how to Draw animals step by step
Learn how to do cross hatching

So how much does it cost to be able to draw like this?

We have various packages / options available to suit every pocket

Simply click the More Info button below to view the course options

and this is what you get...

How to Draw course contents
(Depiction only : What you receive may differ depending on the course option you have chosen)

  • That's 27 pdf course lessons - 300 full colour pages packed with the best step by step pencil drawing lessons in the world
  • Handouts
  • Reference Pictures
  • 40 Step by Step videos to watch as often as you want - over 5 hours of pencil drawing video lessons

60 day money back guarantee

Learn the theory behind the drawing

Why Wait? Learn to Draw Today!

I have been drawing for several years mostly by using the grid method to resize small pictures. I have never taken drawing lessons before but I have watched drawing videos on line. But doing this course is giving me a solid foundation and is helping me to see mistakes I have made in the past and I can see how I can improve. I also find the forum feedback extremely motivating and very useful. Thank you Nolan and Dennis, you are great teachers. I find the way they presented each lesson was very down to earth and easy to follow.

Dorothy - Australia

This course has given me the confidence to keep on drawing. When I first started, I felt like my drawings were worse than a 3 y/o. After almost completing this course, I now see that, although I'm no Leonardo Da'Vinci, I can at least produce drawings that are recognizable and somewhat pleasing to look at. Also, I have noticed that I look at things differently. I have started seeing shadows and edges on everyday things and thinking they might be nice to draw.

Sharon - USA

Lets draw - how to draw anything in 27 days
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