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How to repair a burnt oil painting

August 8, 2010


by Amelia vd Berg


The other day my Brother-in-Law had a fire in his sitting room, which almost burnt their whole house down. One of the ‘victims’ of this fire was a painting I had given him as a gift a few months earlier.

burnt1 burnt2

As seen in the pictures above, there is slight damage to the painting, caused by fire. The painting was saved before too much damage was done to it. To repair a burnt painting like this is actually not so hard to do. A few steps and it’s as good as new.

Step 1


Take your palette knife or any sharp, flat object and carefully scratch off all the damaged and scorched paint.

Step 2

With a clean cloth and Mineral Turpentine, try to clean the painting of any other marks left from the smoke and fire.

Step 3


Start to mix and match the colors on your painting.

Step 4


Do not add any medium to your paint. If the paint is to thin, the damage will be seen through the fresh paint. Proceed as normal and paint over the colors that will match the old paint.

Step 5

When you have finished repainting, the final product should look as new. Here is what the restored painting looks like :


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