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Dennis’ Paintings

June 21, 2009

A few of Dennis’ art work depicting some of the the various genre and mediums he paints in.

Black Rhino at Rest    -  pencil

Black Rhino at Rest - pencil

Serenity  -  pastels

Serenity - pastels

Shangaan Chief Israel Ngobeni  -  Oils

Shangaan Chief Israel Ngobeni - Oils

Crested Barbet  -  gouache

Crested Barbet - gouache

Africa's Big 5

Africa's Big 5

Free State Landscape  -  Oils

Free State Landscape - Oils

Cosmos Flower Study  -  watercolour

Cosmos Flower Study - watercolour

Chachma Baboon  -  pencil

Chachma Baboon - pencil

west-coast-farmWest Coast Farm  –  watercolour dscf3856_600

The Money Fountain  -  Oils

The Money Fountain - Oils

My Uncle Bill  -  charcoal (1950)

My Uncle Bill - charcoal (1950)

Lion Portrait in Pencil - 2010 Lion Portrait in Pencil  –  2010 Tiger Portrait in Pencil  -  2010 Tiger Portrait in Pencil  –  2010

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