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Student’s Paintings

July 29, 2009

Some more of my student’s Art Work.

Maisy Family  -  Pencil Portrait

Maisy Family - Pencil Portrait

I received a surprise email the other day from Heather Dickhart nee Frost, an ex student who started  with me  15 years ago in South Africa as a high school student. She is now living in the UK with her husband and 2 children. She tracked me down in New Zealand via Google and the NZ Art Guild. She initially came on my 2-day Pencil Seminar courses and then stayed on as a Studio student.

This is a recently finished commission. Well done  Heather! I am so proud to see ex students still carrying on with the art taught them in the studio after so many years. What can I say? This just makes me want to not stop teaching. There are still too many people with latent talent. (30 July 2009)

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