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New Zealand Students

April 9, 2010

Student’s Paintings Below is a random selection of my New Zealand student’s paintings done over the past year. In our studios you can stay on as long as you want to. Obviously, the longer you stay with us the better and more professional the results will be. Some of the paintings have been executed with the painting knife only while others also have texture paste to add interest and make it dimensional. All are in oils.

dscf7256Lion by Roeleen
Ethnic Women by RoeleenEthnic Women by Roeleen


Sunflowers By Cuilan

Wolf in the Studio? Paige Williams

Wolf in the Studio? Paige Williams

Lilies in Glass Bowl

Lilies in Glass Bowl by Cuilan

Farm where Patricia grew up on

Farm where Patricia grew up on

The Wood Carriers

The Wood Carriers by Gill

Pensioner's Day?

Pensioner's Day? Patricia, Gill and Keith.

Boats on the Beach Peter’s third painting

Bowl of Flowers

Bowl of Flowers by Roeleen

Where Gill lived in England Cute Cat by Paige

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