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Author Topic: How to add a picture to your post / how to use the gallery feature  (Read 32810 times)


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How to add a photo to a post

Each member automatically has their own gallery when they join.

You can create as many albums inside your gallery as needed, eg. if you paint and draw you will want to create two galleries, one for your paintings and another for your drawings.

How to create albums inside your gallery

To create a gallery, click the photo icon in your member box (marked 6 in the image above).

This will take you to your gallery page.

You will now want to create yourself one or more albums to store your photos in. To do this click the "New Album" button.

Now give your album a name, eg. "Nolan's Paintings".

You can configure your album to have all sorts of features, you are welcome to play around with them, but you need to at least enter the name of the album.

If you don't want to play around with the customising, just give the album a name, scroll down to the bottom and click the Submit button. I usually just use the default values myself.

Your new album has now been created and you can start to add photos to it.

There are two ways to add photos, one at a time and several at a time.

Adding One Photo at a time
To add one photo, click the "Add an Item to this Album" button. Give your photo a name, and description if you like, then click the choose file button.
You can now browse to the photo on your computer and select it.
Now click the Submit button.
Your photo will upload to the site. Please be patient while it uploads. It could take a while if your photo is larger or if your Internet connection is slow.
Once your photo has been uploaded it will be displayed on the screen.

How to add your photo to a post
To now add your photo into a post on the forum, look for the code that says :
BBC Embed code, it will look something like this :
[smg id=number]select and copy everything, including the square brackets.
You can now paste this code into your post wherever you want your photo to appear.

How to upload multiple photos at a time
Go to your gallery ( the photo icon as show in number 6 above)
Select the album your want to add photos to.
Click the "Mass Upload" button
Click "2. Select Files".
Browse to the photos you want to add and select them.
Keep selecting files until all the photos you want to upload are listed on the page.
Click the "3. Upload" link
Your files will now start uploading. Again please be patient while uploading. A progress bar will show you how far along the process the uploading has progressed.
As your files upload you will see a thumbnail of them displayed.
You can then enter their names and descriptions into the boxes.
Once you are happy with the names and descriptions click "Submit"
Your new photos are now in your album.

To find the BBC Embed code on a photo that has already been uploaded.
Go to your gallery
select the album where you have saved the photo to
Scroll until you find your photo.
Don't click the photo thumbnail, that will just enlarge the photo for you.
Click the photo heading, this will show you all the details for the photo, including the BBC Embed code

How to delete a photo
Go to your gallery (the photo icon as show in number 6 above)
Select the album the photo is in
Find the photo and select it's heading
Click the Delete button and confirm
Boom it's gone

How to edit an album's info
Go to your gallery  (the photo icon as show in number 6 above)
Next to each album name, in the Moderation column you can choose the Edit option.
Change the info and Submit

How to change the order of my albums
Go to your gallery  (the photo icon as show in number 6 above)
Click the Move option under the Moderation column
Each album will now have a few green arrows next to it's name.
Click the arrows to re-arrange their order.

How to delete an album
Deleting an album will also delete ALL photos inside that album
Go to your gallery  (the photo icon as show in number 6 above)
Look for the album name you want to delete
Click the Delete option under the Moderation column
Confirm the delete

How read the comments on my photos
Go to your gallery  (the photo icon as show in number 6 above)
Go to the album that contains the photo whose comments you want to read
Click on the text link of the photo and not the thumbnail photo
That will take you through to the photo's info page where you can read the comments and reply to them

How to add a photo to your Paint Basket gallery
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Lucinda Bredell

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Reply #1 on: August 09, 2011, 07:13:35 PM
Hi Nolan,

I have just joined but do not see the :  Add an item" icon/button.  I only see an Edit, Delete and Move icon.



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Reply #2 on: August 09, 2011, 11:51:24 PM
 :bigwelcome: to the site Lucinda, really great to have you here.

Have you created an album inside the gallery yet? You usually need to open the album and then add the photo to it.
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Reply #3 on: August 12, 2011, 10:07:56 PM
 :-\When adding photos of artworks to the Gallery is there a maximum file size and also is there a best pixel size, width by height?


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Reply #4 on: August 12, 2011, 10:09:44 PM
Maximum file size is 2048 KB (2Meg). The dimensions don't matter as the system resizes it for you.
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olivia power

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Reply #5 on: November 22, 2011, 01:46:27 AM
Thanks Nolan for pointing me in the right direction, easy when you know how! What a wonderful wonderful world you have made. Best art site since sliced bread! No stopping me now. Olivia
Olivia Power (Livvy)


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Could you let me know how to add more than one picture to a post? (not to the gallery) Thanks!


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Hi Denise, I believe you have to put multiples in your Gallery then link using the  tag markup utilising the BBC codes to do it.

To put multiples just put one each SMG code in one after the other

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I tried to upload a picture to my album and it would not take it. It kept saying there was an error. Any ideas?
Thank you


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your file size is too big - max 2Mb


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I should've read this first !
 :thankyou: Nolan  :hug:


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Reply #11 on: November 21, 2014, 01:49:01 PM
Sorry if this is a repeat question from elsewhere..... Is there a way to change photos from landscape to portrait views (ie so the tree I painted and uploaded to my gallery is standing up straight instead of on its side?).. I took the pic with my ipad... It looks upright in my ipad photo album..

Thanks for any suggestions!


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Reply #12 on: November 23, 2014, 08:46:10 PM
unfortunately the gallery has no editing capability :-\

Fig Artist

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I have found that if I take the picture in landscape view with the iPad, as opposed to portrait view, then use an app to crop before posting, the photo shows the correct way as opposed to on its side or upside down!  Must go and retake my pictures that are upside down and lying on their sides! :D :D :D


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I remember someone not being able to post his/her photo upside up. 

I had the problem before (First tulip).  I was able to correct the orientation by rotating the photo on my computer BEFORE post it.  It tricked the computer.

Today I had the same problem with the drawing of the Squirrel, but rotating the photo sill landed my squirrel lying down, no matter which direction I loaded the picture.  So obviously the Forum software kept thinking it should be a landscape orientation.  But I was able to trick the software by adding a box at the periphery of the drawing, then posting it... it went smack in the correct position.

Cheers, Annie
Cheers, Annie
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