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Posted by Zilpa
Apr 22, 2019
in PyroWax
Back to Basics
Tone, Blend n Value. Using HB. In my haste to get cracking & draw something, I got more & more confused as to how to get value/tone out of so many pencils, pressing hard in dark areas & erasers, so now I've realised I needed to go back to Square 1. Just used an HB & tried not to press as hard throug…
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Posted by Trace
Apr 22, 2019
in Drawings
4 21 19  Pretty Pink Cluster
 Views: 46
Posted by MaryAnne Long
Apr 21, 2019
in Happy New Week
Lenten Painting Workshop
 Views: 48
Posted by BeaSue
Apr 19, 2019
in Miscellaneo­us
Rejoice-Easter Card 2019
 Views: 18
Posted by BeaSue
Apr 19, 2019
in Susan's Watercolor Paintings

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mixed media seascape final 1200
 Views: 478
Posted by nolan
Nov 26, 2015
in Nolan's Paintings
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IMG 6621
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Posted by ietsieart
May 11, 2017
in acrylics
Space Painting with Acrylics and Spray paint
Fun Little spray painting with some acrylic touchup.
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Posted by thebryce
Sep 08, 2016
in Multimedia
 Views: 235
Posted by njnjgirl
Oct 19, 2014
in Mixed Media
johnny cash side view
 Views: 208
Posted by jennylynn
Jun 02, 2015
in pencil drawings
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