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Gerbera Flower
 Views: 19
Posted by EmmaLee
in Oil Classes
June Challenge
 Views: 15
Posted by njnjgirl
in watercolor paintings
Yaya delivered
 Views: 62
Posted by EmmaLee
Jun 17, 2018
in Oil paintings
 Views: 44
Posted by dirk123
Jun 16, 2018
in paintings
AHA Contemporary Show 2018 Peacock
 Views: 47
Posted by MaryAnne Long
Jun 16, 2018

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Spanish Street Scene
I saw a video of this online and decided to try it.
 Views: 38
Posted by Rwilson
Sep 08, 2015
in Artist in Training
Drawing_March challenge
 Views: 235
Posted by Gita
Mar 30, 2017
in Monthly challenges
Detail of Quilt Painting
July 2014
 Views: 189
Posted by Alice L Lemke
Jul 24, 2014
in Alice L. Lemke Paintings
 Views: 38
Posted by Aniz Oniro
Aug 15, 2016
in year 2016
Covered caravan
 Views: 165
Posted by Danielle123
Apr 04, 2015
in Pastel painting
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