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Played around with watercolors, some things I like somethings I hate.
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Posted by Northbound
Oct 17, 2012
in This And That
Barn Around the Bend
I did this entire drawing by hand, no tracing, I'm thrilled at the result even if it's not perfect and I goofed by doing the road, too.  I can't believe I did it!
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Posted by Northbound
Oct 17, 2012
in Let's Draw Lesson Results
Autumn colours
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Posted by tina verpoorten
Oct 17, 2012
in Tina's watercolour­s
Ved Kjærnes brygge
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Posted by Harald
Oct 18, 2012
in Water colour
Steamboat #39
Still a few bits I could change......  :-\
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Posted by Val
Oct 17, 2012
in Watercolour Lessons

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Zoom Details 2
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Posted by Anya
Aug 14, 2013
in Lucy
IMG 3327
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Posted by scouserl41
Sep 24, 2017
in My Paintings
Rue de la Course Coffeehouse, charcoal
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Posted by lynn p.
Mar 20, 2018
in drawings 2
Mixing greens 2
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Posted by Harald
Aug 27, 2013
in Watercolour TV lessons
Grandpa,Boy and dog viewing sunset
I saw a drawing by Norman Rockwell and I thought it would fit my previous painting of lakeside, so I borrowed it. Since I do all my art only for personal satisfaction I don't think I'm infringing on copyright. Please tell me if I'm wrong.
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Posted by Alan Dixon
Oct 30, 2018
in my paintings
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