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Vermeer jpg
 Views: 159
Posted by patindaytona
Sep 22, 2012
in Abstract
Koi progress 2
 Views: 243
Posted by Maryna
Apr 29, 2011
in Paintings
Artist at Market
This man uses a palette knife to paint with and his palette is a piece of cardboard, think there were like 3 or 4  colours on his palette.  His work is amazing.
 Views: 150
Posted by Maryna
Sep 22, 2012
in Interesting things I see
 Views: 139
Posted by Leana
Sep 22, 2012
Pretty Young Miss
this is another attempt at portrait painting
 Views: 142
Posted by Pamela Meredith
Sep 22, 2012
in portrait lessons

Random Items

 Views: 65
Posted by ietsieart
Jan 18, 2017
in Watercolor
With the problems we are experiencing with poachers of Rhino's in South Africa I decided this could be a good subject to draw. All comments most welcome.
 Views: 195
Posted by Elizabeth
Aug 30, 2014
in Drawings
My entry for the September challenge.  And what a challenge!  Looked easier than it was to do!
 Views: 525
Posted by jillh
Sep 27, 2013
in Watercolor Paintings
3 - Cup of Espresso
 Views: 220
Posted by Sherri
Jan 15, 2015
in Acrylic Paintings
Painting birds, for the fourth day...on a new canvas. Again started with some colourspots and mixing colourspots. This one turned out so cute...I would love to keep, but I allready use my second canvas and still have 22 paintings to go.
 Views: 72
Posted by Riya
Apr 24, 2016
in Acrylic Paintings
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