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First Portrait
 Views: 142
Posted by kattnerd
Nov 16, 2011
in Drawings!
My First Eye Attempt
 ::) I sure need a lot of practice and a steadier hand. NEVER QUIT LEARNING OR TRYING NEW THINGS
 Views: 127
Posted by Honeysuckle73
Nov 15, 2011
in Honeysuckle­s
My summer studio
 Views: 328
Posted by claude
Jul 20, 2011
in Misc
Savannah Beat
 Views: 160
Posted by Hayley Hickel
Nov 15, 2011
in Drawings
.The mouth
The teeth are shaded more than the picture shows, but I don't think it was enough. I have another one to do but will wait till after the next class.  I learned one thing not to let it dry before you finish the areas you need to finish shading.  I lose track of time and then my hubby is hom…
 Views: 119
Posted by Mary (mmmckee1)
Nov 14, 2011
in Nolans portrait painting class…

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Diamond Head in metalpoint (copper penny and wire)
 Views: 80
Posted by MaryAnne Long
Jan 21, 2018
my space for painting
my little corner for  :painting: in the office,till my room is done
 Views: 202
Posted by grandmapegi
Dec 16, 2012
in photos and different stuff..
Zoom Details 1
its in oil
 Views: 612
 Comments: 1
Posted by Aniz Oniro
Dec 22, 2013
in white rock 2013
Gannet Finito!
 Views: 152
Posted by Val
Jan 30, 2017
in Pastel Lesson
Painting Challlenge Feb 2014
 Views: 548
Posted by jillh
Feb 28, 2014
in Watercolor Paintings
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