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Eagle 1
 Views: 220
 Comments: 1
Jun 01, 2014
Copy of Homer's Canoe in the Rapids
 Views: 211
May 31, 2014
Abstract Brusho
 Views: 154
May 24, 2014
A street in Canada
 Views: 206
May 23, 2014
Mother's Day Card
 Views: 178
May 12, 2014
Raccoon Creek Park WC
9x12 wc on paper
 Views: 167
Nov 25, 2013
Underwater with Yupo
 Views: 194
Oct 31, 2013
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Victorian evening
I have wanted to do this picture since 1998 when I first saw it. I finally accomplished what I yearned to do. This will be in my livingroom. It's an 18x24 acrylic on canvas. I need to sign it yet. You have no idea how pleased I am with this. It has taken me 5 hours a week since mid June to complete…
 Views: 439
 Comments: 2
 Rating: 3.34
Oct 18, 2013
Today's Seascape
 Views: 243
Oct 13, 2013
Greeting Card
 Views: 243
Sep 19, 2013
Yellow Iris
This iris was tried with a new type of watercolor paint. I like it and it was fun. Thanks to Dennis, I can do an iris without peeking at a pic. (I think)  :painting:
 Views: 183
May 29, 2013
George Clooney
Apparently I do not know what is mannerly. I cropped the eyes from my portrait since this is the eye thread.
 Views: 119
Mar 03, 2013
my first portrait
 Views: 129
Feb 28, 2013
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