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I think Dennis loves cosmos flowers.  This and your abstract class inspired me.  First painting for paintbasket.  I hope it comes out straight.....  if not....  well, I'll just keep this short and sweet.  First time with wet on wet.... and bought a cheap hair dryer.  Peeling the tape off is torture.  Hot.  Aren't you burning your fingers?   Signed: "intelligence doesn't have squat to do with common sense."
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This child came from the Cosmos Watercolor and Abstract Watercolor classes.
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Aug 13, 2015
Which way is up?
I am interested in feedback on which way either of these feels right. This was also claimed.  If she only knew how much fun and easy it was.  Shhhhh.  Which way is up?  On the other abstract the person who claimed it likes it the way I presented it.  I think it should go vertical with the warm red o…
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Aug 06, 2015
Showing grandchildren art
Ok, this is weird.  I watched Dennis' abstract watercolor and took this project to my grandchildren.  We played, they got bored in 3 minutes, so I finished with no regard to where they went.  They know my moods and we're playing quietly in their room.  Really!  Good kids.  4 and 5.  Anyway, I wanted…
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Aug 06, 2015
Cosmos flowers
First painting using watercolor paints.  First experience with wet on wet.  First touch of a love.
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Aug 04, 2015
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