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 Views: 127
Nov 14, 2019
Illusion of movement
What happened?
 Views: 418
Oct 22, 2019
Monochrome Challenge
Used watercolors and watercolor pencils.

I call this Light and Life.
 Views: 418
Sep 28, 2019
Challenge 1 Pattern
Challenge 1 Pattern
Oil on wood panel.
Flowers and ladybug
 Views: 1261
Aug 14, 2019
Oct Drawing Chellenge
Oct 2016 Drawing Challenge
 Views: 275
Oct 28, 2016
Oct Mixed Media - Autumn
October Mixed Media Monthly Challenge - Autumn
Done in Acrylic and Oil on Canvas board and made use of texture paste
 Views: 583
Oct 08, 2016
May drawing Challenge
My submission for the drawing challenge May 2016. Done with Graphite pencil.
 Views: 348
May 21, 2016
Drawing challenge April
April drawing challenge, draw where you stay, done in pen
 Views: 230
Apr 30, 2016
April drawing challenge reference
April 2016 drawing challenge. Draw where you stay. This is the reference
 Views: 216
Apr 30, 2016
Mixed Media April Challenge
Here is my submission to the Mixed Media Challenge for April. This is a dandelion and Christian writing done in oils on an Acrylic background, on a large (tall stretched box canvas)
 Views: 533
Apr 10, 2016
Makayla's Mixed Media April Challenge
My young daughter also wanted to do the monthly challenge. Here is her submission. A wooden cross painted with Acrylic, craft and fabric paint. Use of paper, sequence flowers and glitter glue and a cane heart.
 Views: 534
Apr 10, 2016
Painting Challenge Feb 2016
Painting monthly challenge Feb 2016. Fishingboat done in soft pastels
 Views: 296
Feb 27, 2016
Feb 2016 Drawing Challenge
Feb 2016 Drawing challenge Donkey...done in pen
 Views: 307
Feb 27, 2016
Mixed Media challenge feb 2016
Mixed media challenge feb 2016. Used coloured pens, black pen and watercolour pencils
 Views: 320
Feb 27, 2016
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