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Enjoyed this practice.  Thankyou Paintbasket.  Pleased I found you this week.  :thankyou:
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Train pastel drawing
One of my more in depth Pastels. Did this over two days, with lots of breaks as didn't have much time due to busy schedule. Finished tonight. Disappointing that the colours don't look as sharp, or as in depth as the actual painting, but this seems to happen when I post my drawings.  Better colour in…
 Views: 115
May 18, 2016
Angelina Jolie pencil drawing
A try at drawing Angelina
 Views: 40
May 18, 2016
girl drawing eye
Started with pencil drawings, and like to go back to it once in a while.
 Views: 35
May 18, 2016
Fantasy Witch Pastel
A quick go at some Fantasy Artwork. My first attempt
 Views: 33
May 18, 2016
A local church
This was done a couple of weeks ago of our local church. Need to finish detail, but wanted to share now. Feedback always welcome please
 Views: 35
May 18, 2016
Angel drawing
This was done in the begining when I started with my Art several weeks ago.  Pencil drawing - one of my very first drawings - before I bought Art paper.  I just had an ordinary pencil!
 Views: 173
May 11, 2016
Girl feeding Bunnies
I still need to finish detail on this, but just wanted to share so far. The colour is actually sharper in real life.  Took loads of phots with this one- nearly drove me crazy, but wanted it to look ok for now.
 Views: 43
May 11, 2016
Mythical Creatures
Been working on this the past several days (on and off).  It's been a challenging one, and took a while to get the colours reasonably ok for the photo.  It was more of a complicated piece, and It is not easy doing small details with the pastel blocks.  I really need to get some pastel pencils for sm…
 Views: 47
May 11, 2016
The Eye
My first eye drawing with pencil.  This was done at the begining of my recent Art adventure.
 Views: 28
May 09, 2016
Praying hands
Hand practice.  I did this before starting with Pastels, and drew it from a picture at home.
Need to enhance the details though.
 Views: 43
May 08, 2016
river pastel drawing
My first river drawing practice
 Views: 45
May 07, 2016
zebra drawing
Started the drawings two weeks ago - this was done about a week ago.
 Views: 49
May 07, 2016
tropic drawing
Earlier pencil drawings.
 Views: 39
May 07, 2016
Woman's face
One of my first pencil drawings.  Enjoyed the process of working with the eyes, and features.
 Views: 41
May 07, 2016
Viking boat
 Views: 34
May 07, 2016
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