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February's challenge
 Views: 252
Feb 28, 2017
Jan. challenge Mixed media - better Photo
 Views: 289
Jan 30, 2017
January mixed media challenge
This is done with pen and ink, CP, WC and Gouache. Freehand.
 Views: 205
Jan 29, 2017
January drawing challenge - Hydrangea
Drawn with faber castel prisma colour pencils and derwent CP on 130g/m2 sketching paper.
 Views: 451
Jan 27, 2017
Mixed media- Submission for July Challenge- some corrections
 Views: 107
Jul 26, 2016
Mixed media- Submission for July Challenge
This was done with water colour and Derwent Inktense Ink pencils. I used techniques which I learnt from the pastel und watercolour classes which Dennis held recently.
 Views: 584
Jul 25, 2016
July challenge
 Views: 532
Jul 13, 2016
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