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pictures from the pencil drawing course lessons.
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photo and 60's portrait
 Views: 178
Apr 11, 2014
1960's portrait
 Views: 237
Apr 09, 2014
 Views: 536
Mar 26, 2014
onion 1
 Views: 1332
Feb 05, 2014
Emily on her throne
 Views: 165
Jan 25, 2012
Forest lake
This is my tree drawing exercise combined with landscape - these trees are in the central North island pine forest. I tried pines because i find them harder to draw than other trees.
 Views: 156
Jan 29, 2012
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outdoor landscape
Freehand drawing
 Views: 190
 Comments: 1
Jan 27, 2012
pencil cat
2 ovals and a triangle
 Views: 181
Jan 24, 2012
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flower exercise - potplant
I can't remember the name of this plant but it flowers twice a year for more than three months at a time. It lets me forget to water then comes right back.
 Views: 161
 Comments: 1
Jan 22, 2012
freehand garden exercise
I don't have wheelbarrows in the garden so this is my effort.
 Views: 165
Jan 20, 2012
cosmos and glass jug
i need to try more glass drawings.
 Views: 162
Jan 19, 2012
My own still life
Should i add a candle to the cake?
 Views: 177
Jan 17, 2012
Horse exercise
Hard to photograph. I couldn't see all the harness detail so some bits are fudged.
 Views: 161
Jan 16, 2012
Squirrel enlarging exercise
I can't rem,ember what a squirrel looks like.
 Views: 164
Jan 13, 2012
freehand still life exercise
I couldn't see the original well - didn't realize until too late the candlestick bases were cane. next time use dividers (if I can find some) to be more accurate.
 Views: 194
Jan 09, 2012
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