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This is a horse from my childhood, his name was Gilbert a dapple grey ,he was a retire drey horse , he. Use to pull the brewery cart. My job was to feed him in the winter along with he friends a chestnut called ' mincedpie' and a working horse which was jet black with a white flash on his forehead , i won't say his name as it may course offence nowadays. Gilbert always had to have a mono blinker on this was so you could approach him else he would try his best to give you a good hard kick. He was 16hands and could give you quite kick especially when he had his special winter shoes on! On the other hand 'Mincedpie' and the black horse were lovely, in the summer the black horse went back at work and 'mincedpie' and i would ride around , i use to stand on his back to pick plums etc. He was lovely. I will draw him sometime but he needs to be in colour and i am still a novice with that.
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Under cover
 Views: 14
Feb 24, 2018
‘Happy Centenarian’ #7
My latest addition to my happy centenarian series. So many wrinkles going in all directions, had to simplify a little.
 Views: 53
Feb 06, 2018
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Flushed with anger
 Views: 104
 Comments: 1
Dec 07, 2017
 Views: 72
Nov 20, 2017
Practice piece
 Views: 91
Nov 08, 2017
Peter cushing
 Views: 76
Oct 25, 2017
Christopher lee
 Views: 78
Oct 25, 2017
The 40th president of the USA
 Views: 60
Oct 25, 2017
 Views: 103
Sep 08, 2017
Practice piece
 Views: 106
Sep 08, 2017
Some like it hot!
 Views: 105
Sep 08, 2017
IMG 1315
 Views: 82
Sep 06, 2017
Practice, practice, practice
 Views: 116
Sep 05, 2017
Pratice piece
Quote from this wise lady

'We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop'
 Views: 122
Sep 04, 2017
Love this comedian , sadly missed
Like alot of good comdedians he fell foul of his demons and died to soon.
 Views: 106
Sep 03, 2017
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