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Teddy Bear 0.3mm mechanical Pencil added  suggested dark's
Teddy with suggested added dark's  :thankyou: looks better
 Views: 87
Mar 11, 2018
Teddy Bear 0.3mm mechanical Pencil in focus 
This one is in focus. Sorry :whistle:
 Views: 99
Mar 11, 2018
lets draw elissa cup 2
Lets draw cross hatching cup .5mm mechanical pencil.
 Views: 127
Feb 01, 2018
Lets Draw Pile of Rocks
Lets Draw course Pile of Rocks
 Views: 242
Jan 17, 2018
First full size drawing for Lets Draw course its not perfect, but I sure learned a lot doing it.
 Views: 149
Jan 06, 2018
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