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Lesson #3 - Simplify Second Attempt
Not an easy job keeping lines within the right perspective...
 Views: 145
Feb 27, 2012
Glass, Wine, Bread, Cheese II
Oil painting rendered in watercolors on 140lb cold pressed paper.
 Views: 245
May 11, 2012
 Views: 227
May 31, 2012
Praying Mantis - On the Road
This photo was taken with an Iphone by my grandson -
 Views: 184
Jun 11, 2012
Praying Mantis - On the Road
My grandson took a picture of this beautiful insect with his iPhone... I decided to use it for my watercolor practice work.
 Views: 188
Jun 12, 2012
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Watercolor - 140lb cold pressed paper.
 Views: 205
 Comments: 1
Jun 18, 2012
Watercolor version of Nolan's Oil Waterfalls
 Views: 322
Jun 27, 2012
AUTUMN ROSES - Closeup view
This is a study in negative painting in analogous mixes, using tools other than just watercolor brushes to obtain the clear detail of the stems.

The color combination was created by Esperoart as posted in PMP from a photo by Diane Mowery, also posted in PMP.
 Views: 198
Jul 12, 2016
My sister gave me this beautiful porcelain figurine as a Birthday gift more than 40 years ago.  I thought it would make a lovely still life subject.  The only thing I could not replicate was the ethnic features of the original; my rendition of her face turned out attractive, but not entirely orienta…
 Views: 237
Jul 13, 2016
This little gal is my attempt to paint white porcelain... not an easy task.  I should have painted it reflecting the surrounding color.... maybe I will get more adept on my next try.
 Views: 216
Jul 13, 2016
This still life painting is the  third subject of my Chinese Trilogy.  I think my efforts at composition are getting more acceptable.
 Views: 311
Jul 13, 2016
 Watercolor - 140lb cold pressed paper
 Original photo posted by Sylvia Lang of PMP
 Views: 118
Jul 18, 2016
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Bodegones in Gouache
I just discovered the forgiving properties of Gouache, this medium allows me to go back and repair mistakes after the painting is done.  I am thankful for little favors. 
 Views: 116
 Comments: 1
Oct 04, 2016
Winner April 2017 Challenge
Water Lily
Watercolor 9in. x 12 in. 140 lb cold pressed paper

 Views: 442
Apr 29, 2017
Learning how to use a final glaze ( Quinacridone Gold) to brighten the background.
 Views: 63
 Rating: 4.98
May 02, 2017
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