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Winner October 2017 Challenge
Two separate images were put together to create this scary subject. 
Gouache on 140 lb cold pressed paper
 Views: 505
 Rating: 0.10
Oct 29, 2017
Winner June 2017 Special Challenge
Gouache on 140 lb watercolor paper.
 Views: 473
Jun 26, 2017
Winner April 2017 Challenge
Water Lily
Watercolor 9in. x 12 in. 140 lb cold pressed paper

 Views: 452
Apr 29, 2017
Winner June 2018 Drawing Challenge
Done on 70lb. Drawing paper with  Prismacolor pencils.
 Views: 335
Jun 29, 2018
Watercolor version of Nolan's Oil Waterfalls
 Views: 328
Jun 27, 2012
Winner January 2018 Monthly Challenge -  Mixed Media

Holiday Float
 Views: 325
Jan 30, 2018
This still life painting is the  third subject of my Chinese Trilogy.  I think my efforts at composition are getting more acceptable.
 Views: 316
Jul 13, 2016
March 2018 Challenge Mixed Media-Revised
My very first “Abstract” ever.
Graphite pencil, watercolor crayons, gouache, watercolor, Uni-ball UM 153 Signo for highlights. black Sharpie for the background grid - Rubber-tip brushes for burnishing, mastic tape to prevent centerpiece colors from bleeding into the rest of the painting.
 Views: 283
Mar 26, 2018
Glass, Wine, Bread, Cheese II
Oil painting rendered in watercolors on 140lb cold pressed paper.
 Views: 249
May 11, 2012
February 2018 Drawing Challenge
Practice makes perfect?  Not really, but I forged ahead anyway... the more I use colored pencils, the better my work will turn out... (Someday)
 Views: 246
Feb 28, 2018
My sister gave me this beautiful porcelain figurine as a Birthday gift more than 40 years ago.  I thought it would make a lovely still life subject.  The only thing I could not replicate was the ethnic features of the original; my rendition of her face turned out attractive, but not entirely orienta…
 Views: 242
Jul 13, 2016
 Views: 232
May 31, 2012
This little gal is my attempt to paint white porcelain... not an easy task.  I should have painted it reflecting the surrounding color.... maybe I will get more adept on my next try.
 Views: 220
Jul 13, 2016
July 2018 Painting Challenge
Burst of Spring
 Views: 220
Jul 25, 2018
Zoom Details 1
Watercolor - 140lb cold pressed paper.
 Views: 209
 Comments: 1
Jun 18, 2012
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