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Supermarine Spitfire Mk.22

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PK 350 SR 64 was one of a flight of ten Spitfires flown to Southern Rhodesia in March 1954. Grounded in 1954 it was mounted on a concrete plinth in New Sarum Air Base at Salisbury. 26 years later Jack Malloch, the owner of Affretair freight airline, took possession of the Spitfire and returned it to it's former glory. Not only was it restored to flying condition but it also had no restrictions placed on it for aerobatic manoeuvres. On the 29th March 1980 took off once again with Captain Jack Malloch at the controls. Almost two years later, on the 26th March 1982, the Spitfire was being filmed in flight. On the return to base the aircraft flew through an unexpected severe hailstorm. The Spitfire was lost and Captain Jack Malloch was killed instantly.
The painting depicts PK 350 flying over New Sarum. During my National Service at this air base we often had to clamber over this Spitfire, cleaning it with buckets of water and mops. Never in our wildest dreams could we ever forsee this beautiful aircraft taking to the skies again.
This drawing I did using watercolour pencils on Fabriano.

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