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'ye olde barn'
Saw a photo of this barn and thought it would make a good moody picture, i used pen and sepia ink for the barn and tinted charcoal for the sky etc
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Posted by Abbietaya
Feb 13, 2017
in Mixed media
24 Dec 2015 unbelievable
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Posted by Danielle123
Dec 24, 2015
in Pictures
3 point perspective
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Posted by Kathysutterlin
Mar 04, 2016
in Perspective and Vanishing Poin…
badlands nat. park
 Views: 206
Posted by grandmapegi
Aug 15, 2010
in Copyright Free Reference Photo…
bear mountain
facts on this mountain
 Views: 235
Posted by grandmapegi
Aug 09, 2010
in Copyright Free Reference Photo…

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Posted by Clivus
May 18, 2016
in Let's draw artwork
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Posted by BarryC
Feb 19, 2016
in BCsLets Draw
May Challenge
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Posted by njnjgirl
May 29, 2017
in watercolor paintings
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Posted by gil
Nov 25, 2012
in Lets Draw Course
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Posted by Louisa Rautenbach
Apr 07, 2015
in Oil Painting Lessons
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