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Zoe was a fun portrait to paint.  She is a gift for friends of ours for their first grandchild.  What else do you get someone who has everything.  I love the blanket wrapped around the frame
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 Rating: 4.98
Posted by yvonnegraf
Apr 11, 2013
in Portraits - Oil Paintings
Zeroing in on a portion in colored pencil
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Posted by Lillian
Sep 23, 2012
in Drawings
Zentangles b an 11 year old photo one
11 year olds at one of my local schools doing zentangles with a New Zealand/family theme.
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Posted by Lisa From Oto
Oct 20, 2014
in Other stuff
 Views: 217
Posted by BeaSue
Sep 26, 2014
in Miscellaneo­us
Zentangle with color
 Views: 194
Posted by Denise808
Oct 09, 2014
in Zentangle/Zentangle Inspired

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Painting Challlenge Feb 2014
 Views: 358
Posted by jillh
Feb 26, 2014
in Pastels
The squirrel
 Views: 95
Posted by Oana
Jul 30, 2012
in Oana's gallery
Barn Around the Bend
I did this entire drawing by hand, no tracing, I'm thrilled at the result even if it's not perfect and I goofed by doing the road, too.  I can't believe I did it!
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Posted by Northbound
Oct 17, 2012
in Let's Draw Lesson Results
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garfy the tiger
i done him in oils waterbase oil and and he was a real tiger to get ,,,done :yippee:
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Posted by grandmapegi
Feb 26, 2013
in lesson
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Still life with pottery
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Posted by RebecaM
Oct 04, 2016
in Still life drawings
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