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watercolor - adult male
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Posted by dbald8
Oct 27, 2014
in Diane's art
Watercolor - Chinaman's Hat

Not a great photo (taken with webcam), but the WATERCOLOR painting came out better than I thought it would.

The mountains were supposed to be blue but they looked purple so I did a wash (?) over them in black.

The mountains on the left are too high.  Need to learn how to make the two layers of mo…
 Views: 360
Posted by MaryAnne Long
Sep 28, 2013
Watercolor and gouache
 Views: 222
Posted by CarolHorvath
Jun 13, 2014
watercolor and pastel portrait
 Views: 285
Posted by lynn p.
Dec 16, 2013
in drawings 2
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watercolor and pastel portrait, revised
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 Comments: 5
Posted by lynn p.
Dec 20, 2013
in drawings 2

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Teddy bear
 Views: 136
Posted by Vidar
Sep 01, 2015
in Lets draw album
2nd attempt at pastels on dark pastel paper

 Views: 165
Posted by Pamela Meredith
Apr 07, 2014
in pastel paintings
Tired bee
I saw him on a leaf getting warm in the morning sun or perhaps he was just tired.. i concentrated on him so just threw some colour around him<br /><br />
 Views: 32
Posted by Abbietaya
Jul 03, 2017
in Pastels and pastel pencils
Trattoria Sempione, Venice, Italy
 Views: 417
Posted by polliwag
Jan 04, 2013
in My Photos
Day 8 - Rocks
 Views: 171
Posted by jwood
Mar 25, 2013
in Let's Draw
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