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Kicking the Ball's Behind
Basic drawing lesson #1 The ball was kicking mine, but I finally kicked its. Take that Mr. Ball!
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Posted by Alice L Lemke
Jul 15, 2016
in Drawings
Little Creek
I hope to get around to painting this one of these days. I found this little creek just south of Glen Rose, Texas. There is lots of beautiful scenery in that area in the spring-time.
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Posted by John Box
Aug 01, 2016
in My Camera
Playing with harsh colors
I think a Red River is a bit unrealistic but I wanted to see if I could make it work anyway.
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Posted by thebryce
Sep 09, 2016
in Multimedia
"Tulips in Vase" by Jeannie Vodden (pictured)
Jeannie Vodden holding her watercolor painting "Tulips in Vase," purchased unframed from the artist for $350, at her watercolor workshop. April, 2016. Jeannie is a sought-after teacher in the Northern California area. Her technique is gentle, delicate and very feminine with mainly use of multiple la…
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Posted by Alice L Lemke
Oct 03, 2016
in My Collection of Art
"Tulips in Vase" by Jeannie Vodden Framed
Framed by me, cost - about $20. Frame was about $8 in a thrift store, included archival non-glare glass. Double mats. I have mat cutter and all the equipment including a frame point driver.
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Posted by Alice L Lemke
Oct 03, 2016
in My Collection of Art

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New Paints n Butterflies
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Posted by Tousabella
Jun 04, 2013
in Painting
Swans, Black2
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Posted by linley.plester
May 12, 2017
in Copyright Free Reference Photo…
IMG 8881
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Posted by Louisa Rautenbach
Jun 14, 2015
in Water colour
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Posted by patindaytona
Nov 03, 2013
in Abstract
cows final
 Views: 143
Posted by lynn p.
Feb 03, 2015
in drawings 2
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