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Oil painting from a photo taken while camping in California.
My challenge was to paint an all black motorcycle.
First attempt at a motorcycle and chrome.
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 Rating: 4.99
Posted by scouserl41
Jun 19, 2013
in My Paintings
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A Wet-on-Wet technique I mad in 1996 on a 18 x 24 inches canvas
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 Rating: 4.99
Posted by jocearseno
Aug 03, 2013
in Past oil, acrylic paintings an…
finished strawberries
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 Rating: 4.99
Posted by Harwant
Aug 07, 2013
in harwant's paintings
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Completed 'Morgan Plus 4' Drawing Grey Scale by ASM
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 Rating: 4.99
Posted by Tony (ASM)
Aug 08, 2013
in Coloured Pencil Paintings
The Old Lighthouse
Lighthouse painting photographed in the full sun, no color corrections needed. On 12"x16" Cason Arches 300lb Cold Press (block). Colors used: Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Raw Sienna, Quin Burnt Orange, Perylene Violet & Carmine (stripes), Undersea Green (a Daniel Smith color combining Ultramarine Blu…
 Views: 913
 Rating: 4.99
Posted by Alice L Lemke
Nov 01, 2013
in Alice L. Lemke Paintings

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portrait exercise in conte
 Views: 143
Posted by lynn p.
Mar 01, 2016
in drawings 2
 Views: 180
Posted by NHC50
Aug 06, 2012
in Nina's artwork
Doodling in Colored Pencil
 Views: 126
Posted by Lillian
Mar 05, 2013
in Drawings
Children walking
Pencil drawing calss
 Views: 219
Posted by Vidar
Nov 27, 2016
in Drawings
Swan - water reflections
 Views: 142
Posted by Ai Ke
Jul 06, 2014
in Watercolour
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