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Title: Help please
Post by: TeresaM on August 18, 2017, 11:33:24 PM
I have been looking through past topics and cannot find an answer.  I am painting a picture of my 1st daffodils that hsve popoed up early in my garden.

 So i add the first colour eg to the daffodils - lemon yellow. I let it dry, then start on the 2nd colour a bit darker over the top of the 1st colour, but every time after i have added this I get a hard line.  The more i try to soften this hard line and think i have succeeded i get another hard line. It is driving me insane :banghead:   

or when i try to soften it the paint lifts off  :help:
What am i doing wrong. Am I using too much water with the 2nd coat?
Title: Re: Help please
Post by: MaryAnne Long on August 19, 2017, 12:14:25 AM

I do not know the answer to your question, but will experiment this afternoon to see if I can figure out what works best.  My first thought, though, is that a dry brush technique might work best.

I love experimentation. What brand of paint are you using and what kind/weight of paper?


Title: Re: Help please
Post by: MaryAnne Long on August 19, 2017, 01:00:47 AM

I found the secret to avoiding the hard lines is to immediately blur out the edge with a barely damp brush.

I used five different lemon yellows, including gouache.  I used the same QOR Dioxazine Purple in all mixes to create the shadow color.  I made the shadow on the left of the petal and just a simple circle on the right so I could practice more blurring the edges. 

Hope that was helpful to you.  It was to me.


Title: Re: Help please
Post by: TeresaM on August 19, 2017, 07:29:07 AM
:thankyou: for trying Mea but it does help.
 I am using Windsor and Newton paints on 300gsm Canson watercolour paper.

I don't mean just adding paint in one tiny spot. If you cover all but leavinga  tiny bit of the yellow colour this happens.

I have blurred the edge after it happens with a barely damp brush.

I want to know why i get this edge in the fist place?
Title: Re: Help please
Post by: linley.plester on August 30, 2017, 02:39:04 PM
Teresa, I'm far from expert, but I think you need to blur the edge as you paint the first colour ie: before it dries. I've had some success by not painting quite to the edge of where I want it to blend/soften and then, with a clean damp brush working back towards the wet colour. You have to keep on cleaning your brush between strokes. This allows the colour to move delicately into the newly damp area and fade out.
Title: Re: Help please
Post by: dennis on August 30, 2017, 08:49:22 PM
When a wash ends up against the dry paper you will always get a hard line. The secret is that the pigment must fade out BEFORE it reaches the dry paper. I have actually demonstrated this in many of my classes. As Mary-Ann says, use a damp brush, lightly, to soften the edges where needed, but this is not always the best solution.
Title: Re: Help please
Post by: Val on August 31, 2017, 09:51:37 AM
Teresa, now this is something I know about! Happened to me quite often, still does now and again.  :doh: Dennis shows this well in many of the earlier lessons, especially the florals.

Here is my go at the Hibiscus lesson from a few years back. You can see where I didn't use enough water, or didn't take the water out far enough to properly diffuse the paint. It does take practice to get the water balance correct, and a very light touch.

I did much better in this one of the lilies a bit later on.

Just keep practicing, it will come.  O0
Title: Re: Help please
Post by: linley.plester on September 01, 2017, 12:03:43 AM
Val, these are lovely. Even if they are not perfect. They are wonderful encouragement. I always get rather lost when I attempt watercolour. I'm probably trying to do paintings that are too complex for my abilities, but occasionally one turns out OK. Must do more of Dennis's lessons and build my skills gradually.
Title: Re: Help please
Post by: TeresaM on September 01, 2017, 06:32:04 AM
Thank you Linley.
Thank you Dennis.
Thank you Val I do believe that you understood what i meant, as i was talking about adding one colour over another and i do believe practice, practice and eventually it works out. I absolutely love your paintings  :thankyou:  :clap:

Everyone a good example of what I was trying to convey is in the new blue banner heading of Paintbasket the blue hard line just near the red writing. I was trying to stop that from happening on my painting. 
Title: Re: Help please
Post by: Val on September 01, 2017, 10:18:12 AM
 You will get there Teresa, just keep painting!  O0         :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: