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Title: Suggestions?
Post by: patindaytona on December 15, 2018, 09:48:26 PM
I think I'm the only one here, Where is everyone?
This is NOT a drawing.I started, but man, i always have high expectations and already.......I did the trees on the far right side of the whole photo. Bout' a hour and half then it was not right one bit.  So that's gone. I just then started to get bold and find big shapes and values not matter what.At this point, it's a vague suggestion of a tree as a whole. No "squiggles" to suggest any leaves.  I know it's a subordinate part anyway. I always obliterate the tooth of the paper.  Well, it doesn't fall off (graphite) at least. Can't be any worse than a charcoal drawing.The bushes on the water line........look like rocks now. Oh well. I can't over fuss, just can't do it. What do you think so far about what i've done. PS. I'M attaching the REFERENCE PHOTO. so you can see what i'm trying to draw. Too difficult of a subject??
Speaking of subjects as you can understand, that mass of a tree has no structure at all like a typical tree with trunk, so it's hard to do!
Title: Re: Suggestions?
Post by: nolan on December 16, 2018, 10:12:16 PM
it's always best to post your drawing progress otherwise it makes it difficult to comment
Title: Re: Suggestions?
Post by: patindaytona on December 17, 2018, 02:37:14 PM
Well, it's practice no matter what.   It's getting their slowly. With drawing you can afford to fuss alot more than with paint. And i do, believe me. That's why the tooth is gone every time with the paper.I could use a much darker pencil, and i do most of the time, but then, it is like charcoal dust and comes off easily.
I put alot of effort into what i do, even though not great, but would not want to see any of them be smudged somewhere down the line.I have a decent enough idea of what i'm going to do with this one. Get a sheet of the foam core board, attach the drawing with tape hinges, put an equally sized sheet of the foam core board of it (so it's sandwiched in between).
Hinge that foam core with tape or better yet, a paper clip bent and pierces thru the foam core boards. This way i have no flimsyness to smudge the drawing and no shifting involved.Should preserve it pretty good.One last thing.............with black magic marker, draw on the foam core............"DON'T THROW THIS AWAY, THEIR IS A DRAWING STUCK BETWEEN THESE TWO BOARDS!!?  O0
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