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Title: How to affix???
Post by: ImBatman on December 29, 2012, 06:56:18 AM
Hi everyone

I'm stuck at the last point before executing the framing of my Abstract "An Abstract Aussie Summer" as previously posted in the tutorials section.

The plan I have come up with is to centre it in a shadow box frame and screw the shadow box to the living room wall as a discussion point. Nice idea if I do say so myself. And since it's just for me and it is 900 x 600 I am not paying a framer some enormous amount to do it.

So I can easily build the shadow box with a few strips of as sides and an MDF back and paint it up. Nice and cheap - 20 bucks tops. It wont be having a glass front, glaziers cost money too.

The issue I am stuck at is "how do I affix the painting to the backing board without damaging the front of the painting with some kind of clip (and also detracting from the look.) Glue is out of the question in case at some point I want to remove it from the box (say if a friend was silly enough to offer me good price for example, but they didn't want it in the box.)

I had thought of some kind of double sided tape perhaps, that at that time could carefully be cut from the back, but being MDF and a heap of modelling paste makes it rather heavy, so I would need something pretty damn durable. I found something hopeful but it says for up to 3kg, and this is easily heavier than that.

This it the design I am thinking of:

Potential presentation.
Potential presentation.

It's other possibility is to end up sitting in the spare room leaning against the wall unframed.

I have the pine, just need the MDF and can construct and paint quite easily.

Any ideas or future experiences???

Title: Re: How to affix???
Post by: ImBatman on December 29, 2012, 08:37:31 AM
Hmm, now I wonder, maybe just Liquid Nails it in place and say take it or leave it (unless someone can still think of another way.) After all I can just say it is a work of art as a package and it's something that may never happen anyway.

Title: Re: How to affix???
Post by: Bellarina on November 18, 2014, 02:37:22 PM
I know this is an old post, but in your case using silicone would give you the choice of removing it from the frame later