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Title: Thee OL' Mirror Reversal Trick
Post by: patindaytona on January 08, 2013, 02:11:35 AM
Working on another John Lennon one..(no, it's not THAT one! :D
Taking a day or two off though..I feel so stagnant lately and no motivation. Better to let it take it's course and wait.
Always helps when painting only a few hours or so a can really THINK about what you'll do next before applying paint again.
The upside down trick and the reverse mirror trick REALLY work well. It's easy to just not do it though and tell yourself, don't worry about it, don't need that...
I think that it's not becasue you don't see the problematic areas looking at the right side up's becasue you DO see see them so carefully and acutely that you are trying to STAMP that whole image into your brain as a whole and grasp it well enough to believe you can do it that way. That's what i do anyway...but the mirror really makes you loose site of it as a nose, a ear etc...still is, but in a more bizarre way...reversed.
So don't try to GRASP the nose, the ear...and feel your way in the dark about it...the mirror trick helps you UNgrasp it, which is the way to go.
I am selling 5 x 8 inch mirrors at a very reasonable price..just emai....hahha... It's funny how you cna tell yourself a million times about something you inately understand,'s not until you hear if from another artist somewhere that YES, now i believe it for sure! (talking about anything on art here.)