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Title: 'Underpainting' Similar To Line 'n Wash But For Coloured Pencils!
Post by: Tony (ASM) on January 21, 2015, 09:36:44 PM
In studying more on the use of coloured pencils, I determined that a problem I was encountering was down to the paper ability/inability to take layers of dry pencil colour and, the hardness of the pencils.
I'm wanting fine detail AND vibrant dense colours (even with watercolour) but, this duet isn't so easily achieved apparently! Soft pencils = vibrant/dense colour but poor detail. Hard pencils = fine detail but poorer colour density. Both depending on the type of paper and the papers ability to take layers of dry colour. Hard pencils tend to flatten the papers tooth/grain while trying to achieve dense colour and thus, the paper will take no more layers of colour and it remains not as dense/vibrant as I would want (although detail may be okay!).
This is where 'underpainting' comes in. In a simple way, you can think of it like Line 'n Wash technique. Thin layers of wet watercolour paints that are allowed to dry then, you use dry pencil on top. The wet colour having preserved the tooth/grain of the paper each time it's used.
This is where I've seen someone use odourless paint thinner to 'melt/disolve' pencil colour lead (non watercolour type of pencils like Polychromos). I haven't tried this yet but, it looks like it's just what I was looking for to be able to get vibrant/dense colour + detail in my work!  :yippee: I'll report back once I've tried it with my Bob Ross odourless Paint Thinner (I'm only guessing this will work).
In the meantime, if you have any experience on this, please feel free to share it! And, if you have anything to add or advice, please, feel free to join in this discussion.
Title: Re: 'Underpainting' Similar To Line 'n Wash But For Coloured Pencils!
Post by: ncwren on January 21, 2015, 09:39:41 PM
I have very little patience for colored pencil Tony, but I do watch Lachri on YouTube. (
She has great tips!
Title: Re: 'Underpainting' Similar To Line 'n Wash But For Coloured Pencils!
Post by: Tony (ASM) on January 22, 2015, 10:21:08 PM
Thank you Natalie. That link was very interesting! She's quite fabulous at her art work and, exactly what I was looking for. I see she uses the technique I was talking about when I started this threat! The use of paint thinner to dissolve the pencil colour so it seeps into the paper without affecting the tooth/grain.
I've ordered 'Zest-It (Citrus Free) today. I've had a read of it and, it seems okay to trial like the lady on those videos does. Here's the link on Amazon to show 'ya: (