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Author Topic: GALLERY OF DRAWING CHALLENGE WINNERS 2015  (Read 592 times)


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on: February 08, 2017, 05:18:49 PM
First off Paint Basket wishes to thank all those who participated in the 2015 challenges and dared to step outside of their comfort zones.   
We applaud each and every one of you. Well done.     

FEBRUARY 2015 Drawing: Marsha (Pita)

MARCH 2015 Drawing: Rosie (wyldheart)

APRIL 2015 Drawing: Mea (mea hamo pena)

MAY 2015
Drawing: Patricia (Happychappy)

JUNE 2015 Drawing:  Patricia (Happychappy)

JULY 2015 Drawing: Patricia (Happychappy)

AUGUST 2015 Drawing: Marsha (Pita)

SEPTEMBER 2015 Drawing: Liana

OCTOBER 2015 Drawing: Liana

NOV/DEC 2015 Christmas Theme Drawing: Sarlota (Ribezla)

NOV/DEC 2015 Winter Theme Drawing: Sarlota (Ribezla)
Cheers, Val

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