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Reply #120 on: June 16, 2018, 01:17:42 AM
I believe Christchurch NZ's got a ring of some 50 under the bay.

I'm surrounded by them, too.  Including a 'bouncing baby' one about 25 miles North underneath a lake.

People talk about the San Andrea's through California.  Oregon's Klamath Basin's fault lines are like 'shattered glass'.  They weren't discovered until the two earthquakes in '93.  One runs E-W about 3/8ths of a mile north of me.

The two that went, about 1.5 hours hours apart, ran N-S.  The first fault line was pretty well absorbed by that E-W fault line. Turns out it then kind of curved back in about three miles south of me.  For them, it was like the tip of a cracking whip.

For me, it was like a slow gentle roll at sea.  I hauled butt at 70 mph into town with emergency flashers going to the emergency operations center.  It took time to get data in.  Once they had it; myself and another guy were to set up communications at a local high school-a designated center where people could get out of the cold.

We were told there was a telephone (before mobile's were common) in a newsbox/announcer's box at the top of the bleachers and it sometimes worked.

I rode with the other guy.  The guy stopped at his house to get something and then stopped at a gas (petrol) station to refuel his van.  Was paying when the second one hit.  There was a flat roof covering the gas pumps.  I stayed in the vehicle as if it did collapse I had some protection.

A grocery store with 30 foot long windows was on the next property.  It was interesting to see the glass ripple like a wave without breaking.

We mainly utilized allocated radio frequency and set up a net.

People were outside freezing (23 Degrees F, if I recall) and many were in shorts and T-shirts.  The second one hit after the school had been checked safe to enter and it took hours for a team to come back to check out the cafeteria area so people could get in.

Yes, I'm a licensed radio operator.

The time a work takes is the time it takes.


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Reply #121 on: June 21, 2018, 11:50:48 AM
Stoney, you have had such an interesting life and I so enjoy reading about your experiences. While reading of them, I almost feel as if I am watching everything unfold.  Very entertaining although some things are scary.    Patricia
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