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Author Topic: July 2019 Drawing Challenge Entries  (Read 136 times)


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on: July 02, 2019, 11:18:20 PM
This month the challenge is to draw the still life below using only your darkest pencil, eg 6B or 9B.
Use different pressures on your pencil to create the shadings instead of using a varying the hardness of the pencil.

Download the photo from Pixabay HERE

1/ Post only one drawing per person. Post only your finished drawing. If you need help, post it in the encourager section.

2/ Do your best to keep your entry as close as possible to the original Challenge photo. Please DO NOT make additions to the subject unless otherwise stated. We try to maintain a fair and equal field for all entries from beginner to advanced.Feel free to use the subject photos in your own creation BUT place it in the Encourager section, NOT in the challenge.

3/ ONLY Graphite pencil may be used in this challenge - no colored pencils, charcoal, etc.4/ When posting your entry, please list hardness pencil you used, eg. 6B.
4/ Entries must be by 25 July 2019
5/ HAVE FUN!!     :painting: and  :gl: