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Author Topic: Frisket and another Texture  (Read 595 times)


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on: March 21, 2012, 09:57:54 PM
I think I came across using frisket (rubber masking fluid) for pencil drawings, but it's probably not used very often by anyone since I only saw it once somewhere.
I was thinking last night...what if you just dampened (dampened).....the paper and then used a shading with pencil or charcoal over that area. I wonder if that could be used for some things.
Since i always use the actual size photo to trace thru onto my paper for the initial sketch, I wonder you could cut out specific areas if need be and gently tape it to the drawing to mask it in that way? Seems like it would for putting in skies behind every thing.
The moment you find yourself mostly satisfied with a painting and think you'll "just quickly" do this or that, that's the moment to stop completely. Take the painting off your easel and put it aside for at least 24 hours, then reassess whether it really needs that tweak.