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on: August 04, 2012, 04:57:45 PM
Ok guys here is an idea.
Do you have some of those wood TV trays, that you are not using? Well I had an old one. [ I did not want to go out an buy a board]I took it a part. cleaned it up. I did sand it down, because the varnish was not to good. and revarnish it.  It is 15 x 20 it is 3/4" thick. perfect for stretching watercolor paper. it would save some money. HAPPY PAINTING!!! See you tomorrow.
nina  :flowers:
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Reply #1 on: August 04, 2012, 05:09:48 PM
Nina!  You're a genius!  Here I have one right in my livingroom, one that can be collapsed and put in a closet when not in use! 

I can use that!  Never dawned on me!  Mine is a wee bit smaller by about half an inch each way, but it will work I'm sure!  There's plenty of room to tape down a 9" x 12" piece of watercolor paper.  I've had paper tape for eons, never used it!  I'll give it a try.

Not today though, 33 C , 91 degrees F.  Just too hot and humid to start anything.  We don't have AC here, just most always have a nice cool breeze off the river but not today.  We're off to have lunch at our favourite restaurant, then maybe for a nice drive in the country.

Thanks for telling us about this.   :angel:   :1hug:   :flowers:
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Reply #2 on: August 04, 2012, 08:39:36 PM
Good idea, Nina!  I don't have one of those, but I am using a shelf  that I removed from a bookshelf.. Just so happens it's a wide one so will even work for larger paper.  I'm not sure  of the dimensions, but I think I can fit a 16" x 20"  paper on it. 

Hope you had a nice drive, Val.  91 is a little warm for your area, eh?

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