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Sharon Flan

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on: October 01, 2012, 11:44:38 PM
Lillian did you talk about a watercolor club?  I wanted to hear about it if it is one..
 :hug: :flowers :
I thought maybe it was meant by Dennis' special deal on a series of lessons; or maybe it was meant that everyone helping :thankyou:   :hug: :flowers: :clap: :clap:  each other.. :painting:..  Just wanted to check out if there was an actual club and how much to belong..I'm counting up Birthday presents; Being Helpful...well It helps out my Boy Scout grandsons..Ha :yippee:  Anyway, thought I would ask about..

Have a great day everyone.. :thankyou:   Lillian..  talk again soon..Sharon


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Reply #2 on: October 02, 2012, 03:11:58 AM
Sharon - I'm also doing the Watercolor Club.  I opted for paying on the weekly plan.  I get one new class each week.  And if I've already purchased what would be the next one, it will skip that one and open the next one.  That way, when I take a Live Class, I pay for it as well, but then also get another class.  It's really fun!  Eventually I MIGHT even catch up! 

I'm also doing the Let's Draw course, but am way behind, because I got caught up in watercolor classes, which I am addicted to!!

Whatever you choose, you'll get great lessons and will have a lots of fun!

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