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Author Topic: Dispensing Your Medium  (Read 1084 times)


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on: July 11, 2010, 12:34:21 AM
Getting your medium out of the bottle is always a pain. Most people simple try and pour it out, but you usually end up with way too much medium on the palette.

Another way to get the medium out is to dip your painting knife in the bottle. This works well with a full bottle, but when the level in the bottle drops, you & your knife end up all sticky.

Many tricks have been tried over the years, pouring into a teaspoon, a dipstick, a cap with a hole in it, you name it, we have tried it.

One of our students is a chemist and came up with the perfect solution : a plastic pipette

This little gem keeps you clean, costs next to nothing and lets you add medium drop for drop. The big question is where do you get hold of these pipettes? Go to your local chemist / pharmacy / drug store. They are so cheap you may as well buy a whole bag & they'll last you a lifetime.

When you have finished painting you simply rinse them out with some turpentine and they are as good as new.
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