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Reply #15 on: June 21, 2013, 12:20:53 PM
 :congrats: Val did it!  :cheering: Val did it!  :yippee:  Val did a lovely semi-abstract  :painting: !!!! More please!


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Reply #16 on: June 21, 2013, 02:34:05 PM
 :smitten: Nice work Val!

Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already. ~Dave Willis


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Reply #17 on: June 21, 2013, 04:44:06 PM
 :eek: Gobsmacked! That's me! I really wasn't up to any 'serious' painting of late, so I decided to use up what was smeared all over the palette. Used much too much water and just kept slapping on layers of paint (even when it was too wet  :whistle: ) and there you have it. One massive happy accident!  ;D Who knew?

I thank you one and all for your lovely comments and encouragements.

Semi abstract you say Dennis...... well, this is another first for me!  :yippee:


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Reply #18 on: June 21, 2013, 06:14:13 PM
Val!  Come on now, Girl... after seeing your paintings of late... I'd say you been holdin' out on us!!
A master at work, no doubt!!

"If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change."
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Reply #19 on: June 22, 2013, 02:03:37 PM
Those happy accidents are the best, eh?  ;D ;D Awesome painting, Val!
Tania :D


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Reply #20 on: June 22, 2013, 06:44:11 PM
AWESOME!!!!    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Reply #21 on: June 23, 2013, 07:08:10 PM
If that's what you can knock out when you are 'slappy happy', I'd hate to see what you'd do when 'slappy Angry'!
Keep on with the happy Bird Val and grow some more beautifully painted flowers ;) :clap: :clap: :flowers:
''Don't spend life going forward in reverse, just glimpse the rear view mirror now and again then, focus on what lays ahead''.
(Tony. ASM 3rd July 2013)


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Reply #22 on: June 24, 2013, 03:35:45 PM
Thank you all kindly. Much appreciated.

I highly recommend trying it. Just take what's on your palette, the back of an old not so great painting will do...and just have at it. Very therapeutic!  :yippee:


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Reply #23 on: June 25, 2013, 01:55:47 PM
Great idea, Val!!!   :twothumbs:   You can get some nice greys that way, maybe a tonal painting???  :)

Sometimes mud isn't so bad after all.
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