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Author Topic: Part B on the Color Buster  (Read 1992 times)


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on: July 22, 2011, 12:46:52 PM
Nolan or Dennis..on the color buster, Part B of it.    It says first to crease the folds, then to tape the back together...THEN to laminate it.              Shouldn't I be just creasing the folds first, then laminate it, then cut out that little window,   then fold and tape?
The moment you find yourself mostly satisfied with a painting and think you'll "just quickly" do this or that, that's the moment to stop completely. Take the painting off your easel and put it aside for at least 24 hours, then reassess whether it really needs that tweak.


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Reply #1 on: July 22, 2011, 08:47:49 PM
Pat, it seems like everybody prefers to make part B differently.  ;D
Lately I have laminated part B along with the Color Buster itself (in other words I laminate the entire sheet), then I cut everything out.

To make part B (the slider), I then carefully peel off the laminate off the back of the slider - this reduces the amout on bowing. I then line up the window on the slider with the Tone Checker (rainbow area) to ensure the window fits perfectly. I then tape it down with selotape, turn the Color Buster over and wrap the end that overlap back to form my loop. This way I get a perfect fit on the window and the sides of the Color Buster. It will then slide perfectly along the entire length.

I have made a video of the process, I just need to edit it..... :crazy2: