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Author Topic: Course Trial Day 2 and a few questions  (Read 898 times)


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on: August 25, 2011, 08:42:53 PM

I am on day 2 of the course and it has raised a few questions for me that I am hoping you can answer for me. So here goes.

1. The Tree - I fully understand why you are looking for people to draw a tree at the start of the course as a benchmark to compare against at the end. However when drawing this can we/should we use a reference picture. If i have to do it from my minds eye, it will likely look more like candyfloss, but given a reference picture I know i can do better.

2. Stroke Exercises - This was hard, in fact very hard, now i know practice makes perfect, but perhaps training as an engineer and then moving into an IT related career, and working with computers day in day out, I am struggling with left brain v right brain syndrome. However whilst the strokes themselves were difficult, and some of mine were not necessarily straight the biggest problem I had with this was concept. What I mean with this is when using the blank sheet and following the lines to do the strokes, why would i do it that way. By way of example, the boxes 2 of the point stroke exercise is moving the pencil from top to bottom in one box then bottom to top in the second, as it is harder to do this one way over the other, why not simply turn the page around, same goes for the horzontal strokes turn the page to make verical ones.. Am i missing something here? that just seems more natural to me. move the medium to a postion that makes it easier to draw the line.

3. Stroke Exercise (again) - The double flick - not really sure where this would be used, but I assume it will be revealed in a later tutorial and suspect its for hair/fur. But when i do this afere completing the first flick at the end of the line, I reposition the pencil at the start to do the beginning flick, This always seems to leave a thicker darker with dot at the start and its obvious the beginning flick was not parr of the initial line. is this right? No matter how softly I try to do it, I get the same dot and tacked on afterwards feel to the line.

I have not tried the landscape erased image yet, and not sure i will get it done in the next few days. Lol I probably should have waited to trial the course, work life and plumbing disasters are conspiring against me at the moment.

Thanks in advance



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Reply #1 on: August 25, 2011, 09:02:56 PM
 ;D Ji Ian, let's hope you get those plumbing disasters sorted asap  :crazy2:

:bigwelcome: to the site and the course.

Tree - you are welcome to use a reference picture, but I prefer if you just draw from memory. You will see at the end of the course, how easy it is to draw a perfect tree from memory once you know the techniques O0

Stroke exercises
turning the page - the idea with the stroke exercises is the teach eye / hand co-ordination. All the strokes are used when drawing, so being able to master them will help you a lot in the long run. We do turn the page when drawing, but the better you have mastered the strokes, the less you have to turn the page, the quicker you are able to draw.

Double flick - is used for fur and hair. The second aim of that exercise is again more eye hand co-ordination. Getting the two lines to tie up is not as easy as it sounds. Like you found out. Once you eventually move on to animals and portraits, you will be glad that you have mastered that technique. O0

Although it doesn't always make sense at the time when doing the exercises, they all have a purpose and all will help you further down the line. Every single lesson is designed to build upon the previous. That is how we are able to get such great results from the course.

Remember that you are downloading the lessons as you go, so don't feel in any rush to try and complete the lessons on the day they are released. Work at a pace that is comfortable for you and that suits your schedule O0

 :gl2: with the erasing exercise, looking forward to seeing what it looks like  :clap:


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