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Author Topic: 5 minutes to spare painting  (Read 508 times)


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on: March 02, 2015, 09:31:52 PM
OK I'm guilty.
I haven't been painting at all lately.
Our big ambition is to sell our house and move into our RV full time so we can spend serious time seeing this big beautiful country.
This coming weekend we are going to an RV Rally in Tucson Arizona.
The RV club we belong to will have a big contingent and the various Blog's and forums I frequent will also have representatives.
Most RV'ers have a wooden board they set out with their names carved in it "The Johnsons, Nashville Tennessee" etc.
I have had an idea buzzing around in the back of my head and today I had 5 minutes or so to spare and the idea blossomed.
I usually paint in oils and have a lot of difficulty blending acrylics so I don't use them except for backgrounds.
There isn't much time before we leave on Friday so I knocked this out on a piece of gesso'd hardboard because the acrylics would dry fast.
That's our Rv with an imaginary background and our "associations" surrounding it.
Not exactly the best perspective I readily admit but it was FUN.
I hope to be painting a lot more once we get out on the road.
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Reply #1 on: March 02, 2015, 09:50:34 PM
This is delightful, Brian - and I hope your dream is realized....we have friends who are RVing around the country right now and based on their FB posts they're having the times of the lives!

Marsha (Pita)

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Reply #2 on: March 02, 2015, 11:18:43 PM
Cool - speaking on perspective, do you want to address/give presentation to the Chula Vista Painting Guild on perspective and drawing buildings?  It would pay $100 for about a two hour presentation.  This came up because one of the lady's at our senior painting group is trying to draw her house.  She needs some help and I thought of you (lucky, huh.) and mentioned that when you retired you might come by and help her.  This expanded from helping her at the senior painting group to an actual presentation to the Chula Vista Painting Guild.  Cool, huh.
Marsha (aka Pita)
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Reply #3 on: March 02, 2015, 11:21:05 PM
Brian....that's wonderful.  You'll have a great time, n see some awesome things for your painting.  Look forward to hearing from you and Barbara "on the road"!!
Whoooopie!!! :yippee:    :yippee:

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MaryAnne Long

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Reply #4 on: March 03, 2015, 03:40:31 AM
That's a great painting, Brian.  Best wishes to you both for a great future on the road!!


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Reply #5 on: March 03, 2015, 04:27:02 AM
Thanks everyone,
Barbara and I are so excited about our RV plans we wake up in the middle of the night thinking about them!

When are they thinking of having the class? I'm not sure I could do 2 hours on perspective!
Don't draw more in the morning than you can erase in the afternoon (Old Draughtsman's saying)


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Reply #6 on: March 03, 2015, 04:59:10 AM
Just give a brief lesson and then do a paint along that incorporated the concepts taught - voila! 2 hours will pass by in a heartbeat! :) Sounds like an idyllic lifestyle - one I would LOVE to indulge in! I am excited for you!
Tania :D


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Reply #7 on: March 03, 2015, 04:59:43 PM
Thanks Tania! Why didn't I think of that!
Could be the first tank full of gas is paid for by my art??
I'll call you later Marsha.
Don't draw more in the morning than you can erase in the afternoon (Old Draughtsman's saying)


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Reply #8 on: March 03, 2015, 05:07:17 PM
Sounds like exciting times for you and your wife.
"Never stop Dreaming" 


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Reply #9 on: March 03, 2015, 05:34:23 PM
Great sign!  Great fun! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:  How exciting to see your dream come true!  I myself would love to go cross country, but maybe by Gray Line since we couldn't drive an RV!


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Reply #10 on: March 03, 2015, 05:48:45 PM
Congratulations and enjoy!  O0

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Reply #11 on: March 03, 2015, 07:52:54 PM
nice fun painting - we would also love to just tour in a camper van, it looks like so much fun


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Reply #12 on: March 06, 2015, 03:58:14 PM
 :heeha: Land Cruising!!!! We have some friends who decided it was time to set the hook so they traded their cruising afloat for land cruising. You and Barbara are in for a funfilled thrilling journey! Congratulations and do keep painting!  I had noticed in some parks that 'land-yachties' like to put out a sign with names, places visited, welcomes, or just 'come on in for a spell'. I think you'd do very well painting a few......  O0 Could be a bit of a niche market there  ;)
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Reply #13 on: March 06, 2015, 06:34:17 PM
Way to go Brain.  :yippee: :yippee: Jim and I have always wanted to do that to. I don't know if that will happen though. It's not that we don't have the money to do it, it is all that we are involved with.

Nina  :flowers:
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