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on: July 12, 2010, 07:42:26 AM
Whether you are an art teacher or a student in an art class you are a team member of that studio. In order for you to grow in your art ambition(s) you need to pull together with your team leader (the teacher) and your team mates (other students). You also learn a lot from your fellow students if you are willing to acknowledge this fact. If you continually try to do your own thing in the class and do not pay attention to what the teacher is trying to teach you then you are really wasting your time and your money.

Without perseverance and enthusiasm the road will be long and tiring. If you want to be a winner type artist then the following from "The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork" by John C. Maxwell will assist you: Comments in [ ] are by The Paint Basket.

1. Find a mentor. [Look for a teacher who takes an interest in you; who is patient and caring; who encourages and builds up your confidence; who, you feel, knows what he/she is talking about, and can demonstrate effectively any of the techniques offered; and who has a very positive attitude about life in general. If not, then look for a new mentor who has the mentioned qualities.]

2. Begin a growth plan. [Set yourself goals. John C. Maxwell says, "Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent." Without practice outside of the studio, growth will, and can, be painfully slow and frustrating.]

3. Get out of your comfort zone. [ Consult with your teacher as to which projects will take you beyond your comfort zone, yet not too high as to be discouraging. Start slowly and progressively take on more difficult subjects. Make sure you understand, and can comfortably perform the subject you are presently on before going up the next rung of the ladder. "Slowly, slowly catchee monkey!" Before you know it, you will be a very proficient artist!]
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bill dennis

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Reply #1 on: August 15, 2011, 09:15:40 AM
I agree with you , I only managed to complete about 18months of a Advanced Art and Design course before work commitments took me abroad ,but that class was so enjoyable ,all the course basics were achieved early because everyone got the work done on time, and so all the teachers could take us on to really interesting projects, at the end of term exhibition of work two eighteen year old girls who had started in our class but moved to another class after a week , were overheard to say "Wow! I wish we had stayed in this class, the work is much more interesting than ours" They had moved to a class of teens, our average age would have been forty and all wanting to learn and enjoying every minute,the Tutor just asked them quietly if they had done the homework , nuff said.


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 :smart: :smart: :smart: Looks like we now have 3 wise men! Thanks Bill for your little adage.  :clap: