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Painting Impressionistic Autumn Landscapes

Join me in this comprehensive class that will equip you with the skills to create stunning autumn landscapes in oil paint.

Your Learning Journey Includes:

πŸŒ„ Dynamic Foregrounds: Learn to make the foreground of your landscapes pop, capturing the viewer’s attention where it matters most.
πŸ“ Planning Your Piece: Gain insights into effective scene planning and sketching that lay the groundwork for a successful painting.
πŸŒ… Sunset Skies: Master the art of painting sunset skies that radiate the warmth and depth of autumn.
βš–οΈ Background Balance: Acquire the skill to simplify the background, ensuring your foreground stands out.
🌳 Impressionistic Trees: Get hands-on experience with loose, impressionistic strokes that bring an autumn treeline to life.
πŸ›€οΈTextured Paths: Dive into techniques for painting a realistic gravel road with depth and texture.
πŸ”Foreground Details: Explore ways to add interesting details to your foreground, adding depth to your scenes.

Join now and start transforming your approach to landscape painting today!


Drawing Realistic Siamese Fighter Fish

Join me in this engaging class that will teach you how to create stunningly realistic drawings of Siamese fighter fish.

During the Class You Will Learn:

🎨 How to sketch the scene accurately freehand
🌊 How to draw reflections on the surface of the water as seen from below
πŸ’‘ How to depict water depth with light shining through it
πŸͺ¨ How to draw submerged rocks with texture
🐟 How to draw smaller secondary fish to enhance your composition
πŸ” How to detail intricate scales
✨ How to draw long, flowing fins with precision

Perfect for beginner to intermediate artists, but also great practice for advanced artists. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your drawing skills!

Join me for this lesson today!