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Draw a Realistic Golden Retriever

Capture the Charm of a Golden Retriever in Pencil: Portrait Drawing Class đŸ–ŧī¸âœī¸

In This Class You Will Discover:

đŸļ Sketching Made Simple: We start with the basics, guiding you through freehand drawing the outline of your furry friend.
🎨 Background Magic: Learn the art of drawing a soft, bokeh background that makes your subject stand out.
👀 Eyes that Sparkle: Delve into the details of drawing realistic, expressive eyes that truly capture the essence of a Golden Retriever.
👃 Nose Know-How: Get tips on creating a lifelike nose with all its intricate textures.
👄 Mouth and Whiskers: Combine multiple references to draw a mouth that’s both detailed and dynamic, topped off with fine, delicate whiskers.
🌟 Fur with Flair: Master the technique of drawing fur that’s so realistic and soft, you can almost feel it.
🖌ī¸ Every Hair and Line: We’ll cover how to add those final touches that bring your drawing to life, ensuring your Golden Retriever portrait is nothing short of stunning.


Paint a Stormy Sea in Acrylic

Conquer the Acrylic Seas in Our Stormy Seascape Class 🌩ī¸đŸŽ¨

Set your compass for adventure with our “Paint a Stormy Sea in Acrylic” class! In just under 4 hours, navigate through painting the turbulent beauty of a stormy sea, all from the comfort of your studio.

🖌ī¸ Sketch the Fury: We will start by freehand sketching the scene, setting the stage for a dramatic transformation.
⛈ī¸ Clouds Alive with Lightning: Learn to paint a sky alive with energy, complete with a break in the clouds, lightning and a distant downpour.
🌊 Waves in Motion: Next you will learn the techniques for painting a churning ocean, capturing the crashing waves and water around the steadfast buoy.
đŸ’Ļ Sea Foam and Spray: Give your water texture with frothy foam and splashing spray that jumps off the canvas.
🔴 Bold Buoy: To add a focal point to the scene, we will add a brightly coloured buoy that stands out against the menacing backdrop.

Perfect for beginners and intermediates alike, this class provides step-by-step instruction complete with narration for each brush stroke.