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Color Buster Color Mixing Tool

(14 customer reviews)


How to Mix Your Colors Perfectly in 3 Easy Steps


Stop battling to mix your colors. The Color Buster Color Mixing Tool will show you how to mix your colors!

14 reviews for Color Buster Color Mixing Tool

  1. arthur cansdale (verified owner)


  2. Efisio Liparulo (verified owner)

  3. Robyn A. (verified owner)

    I loved the class and the color buster tool is very helpful. Color mixing that makes sense!

  4. Pat Wilson (verified owner)

    Fantastic aid to help with colours and I know this is going to get a lot of use. The colour buster was fun to make and with Nolans usual clear instructional video, was easy to assemble and use too.
    Not everyone has an eye for seeing the fine tonal changes in colour and I was struggling to match my colours properly, which I discovered, are such a big part of achieving good results, so thought I would go back to basics and get a colour wheel and learn about mixing colours properly. I was thrilled to find this little gadget not only has a colour wheel but so much more and is invaluable, it has made a huge differnce to the results I can acheive. It will never be far from my easel . Highly recommend.

  5. Lawrence P. (verified owner)

    I’m a little color blind so I tried the ColorBuster.
    I took the .pdf to my local Fedex store. They downloaded the file to their color printer, using photo paper. Then they trimmed along the lines and laminated the final product. Cost for professional results: less than $6. Assembly is easy if you have a sharp craft knife.
    The fun is getting your colors right. It works!

  6. Monika M. (verified owner)

  7. Donald Pearson (verified owner)

    I was having trouble with my color mixes while taking these classes. I decided to take some time and practice mixing various colors using this tool. I really started to improve quickly and gained confidence. If you want to save paint and aggravation, this is a really good approach to learning color mixing. It doesn’t just help you get the right color, it shows the techniques the artists need to master.

  8. Pam Turcot (verified owner)

    I’m excited to give this a try!

  9. Cynthia Ash (verified owner)

    I have always found colour mixing difficult so my recent purchase will be a great help. Thank you, Nolan for sharing your expertise and techniques- Paint Basket is great!

  10. Gladys Linde

  11. Lilian Oosthuizen (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Great instructions.

  12. Miroslav B. (verified owner)

    I created both small, and the large colour buster. It is quite easy, if you use a sharp carpet knife and metal (not plastic) ruler. Practical and easy to use.

  13. Turid (verified owner)

    It is a good tool to find colours and nuances of colours that goes together, It strengthens my knowledge of using coluours

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great tool for learning about color!

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  • 96% of Artists Struggle with Color Mixing 96% 96%
  • Are you tired of spending hours mixing muddy colors?
  • Do you battle to see if one color is darker than another?
  • Do you never know how to mix brown or any of the other colors not immediately obvious on the color wheel?
  • Do you find that no matter how much effort you put into your paintings, they always seem to lack the realism you are looking for?
I was also tired of never being able to mix my colors perfectly even after many years of painting. My paintings never seemed to pop like the top professional’s paintings and I knew that somewhere I was doing something wrong. I had studied all the top art books on color mixing, I knew all my color mixing rules, there wasn’t a color mixing DVD on the market that I hadn’t watched to try and find out what I was doing wrong. Heck, one dude had even painted all the walls in his studio pitch black, including the ceiling and floor in order to match his colors correctly. I don’t know about you, but that simply isn’t an option for me.

I just HAD to get this color mixing headache to go away!

After all my years of research and practice and experimenting it finally dawned on me – I had solved the riddle, and I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Most of my students suffered from the same problem. In fact everybody has the problem – our brain forms connections to remember things we have seen before, like the faces of friends and family. So next time it sees something familar, it recalls the previous connection it made and you recognise that person. Now if the person has had a haircut since, you probably wont even spot the difference. More often than not, it will just “update” what it sees now with what it had in memory because they were a close match.

The same happens when matching colors – as you are mixing the color on your palette your brain is constantly re-programming itself and it instantaneously “forgets” the color you are trying to match and replaces it with the color you are mixing on your palette because they are similar. So when you think you are close and hold it up to check against the reference material, you notice that you aren’t even close. That’s just the way our brain works. Not much we can do about it.

Then we sit with the compounded problem of having to remember which colors are used to mix which colors and in what ratio. A color wheel can only show you the basic mixes, eg. yellow and red make orange. You can’t tell how much of each to add. Then the color YOU want to mix is seldom a perfect mix, it usually has a combination of various colors, like some of the opposite color or white into the mix. And what about the colors that aren’t even on the color wheel like brown, how do you mix brown when it isn’t even ON the color wheel. That is when we start mixing muddy colors. How many reference books do you have that are so full of paint from battling to match your colors correctly? I have tons of them, some of the best pictures are now unrecognisable and unusable from all the test dabs of paint on them, and I don’t even have a decent painting to show for the effort.

It’s time to put an end to this madness! With the Color Buster Color Mixing Tool, matching your colors is now literally as easy as 1,2,3

The Color Buster Color Mixing Tool practically TELLS you what colors to mix.

By isolating and comparing colors side by side our brain can’t trick us into thinking we have the correct color anymore. The Color Buster Color Mixing Tool let’s us not only do that, but it also immediately finds the correct color on the color spectrum for you.

From there the Color Buster shows you what the dominant color is and what colors to add to EXACTLY match the same color.

The once you have matched your color the Color Buster let’s you compare your color with the reference material without getting it full of paint.

My color mixing headaches are officially over with the revolutionary new Color Buster Color Mixing tool.


Just Look to See How Easy it is to Use the Color Buster Color Mixing Tool

Isn’t it time that you said enough is enough too?

I am so confident that you will be delighted with the results you will get using your Color Buster that I am going to offer you a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee on your investment. If you feel the Color Buster hasn’t helped you mix your color easier than ever before, then simply send me an email and I’ll refund you immediately.

You have nothing to lose, but your paintings have everything to gain, so go ahead and hit the order button right away.

The Color Buster comes as a downloadable pdf, with easy to follow assembly instructions and the link to watch exactly how to use the Color Buster Color Mixing tool, so you could be matching the colors for the painting you have on your easel right now in 10 minutes time.

How much money have you wasted in the last year mixing piles of paint that ended up in the bin because they were the wrong color?

For the price of two small tubes of paint, you can put an end to the waste and your color mixing headaches forever.


Color mixing heaven is only one click away, order today—>


How to Build Your Color Buster