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On this page you will find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you are having a problem, please spend a minute to see if your question has not already been answered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Accessing the Classes

What is an Archive Class?
An archive class is a class that has not been filmed in HD. The quality is still good, but not as sharp as HD.

Archived classes are cheaper than standard classes.

If I Buy a Class / Course, How Long Do I Have to Follow it?

Once you purchase a class or course. It remains unlocked. Your access to the class does not expire.

You can watch the class as often as you like and take as long as you like to complete it.

Can I Download the Classes?

Unfortunately due to online sharing we do not allow the classes to be downloaded.

You can however watch the class as often as you want on the website. Your access to the class does not expire.

If we ever decide to retire a class that you have purchased, then you will be ggiven 30 days to download the class before it is removed from the website.

Can I Watch the Classes Offline?

Unfortunately not at this stage. We may create an app at a later stage which will allow you to watch offline.

Can I get Feedback on My Class Artwork?

Absolutely. On each class page you will see a link to the forum where you can post your class artwork and ask your questions about the class.

Is There a Way to Buy all the Classes at Once?

Yes there is, but not on this website.

On our sister website Online Art Lessons there is a Lifetime Membership option which will instantly give you access to all the existing, as well as all the future classes added to the site.

Account & Log In FAQ’s

How Do I Create an Account on the Website?

In order to create a log in / account on the site you need to purchase a class or course.

When you purchase your first class you will create your account during the checkout process.

You can read HERE to find out how you can get your first class free.

How do I Reset My Password?

You can go to the Lost Password Recovery page.

There you will be able to reset your password.

If you ae still having hassles resetting your password, then please Contact Us so we can send you a temporary password.

The System Says My Username Doesn't Exist?

There are two reasons that this could happen:

1) You have used the wrong username so the system doesn’t recognise you. When you can try is log in using your email address as your username on the log in page.

The system will recognise that it is you and log you in. (If you have an account here of course 🙂 )

2) You may not actually have an account here. This happens quite often because we have two websites with the same classes on them and you may have come to the wrong one.

Here is the difference between the two websites:

a) Online Art Lessons is our membership website where you pay a monthly fee to access all the classes and
b) Paint Basket (this website) where you purchase the classes individually.

If you are paying monthly to access your classes then you have come to the wrong website. You want to head over to Online Art Lessons to log in 🙂

If you have been purchasing your classes individually then you are on the correct website.

In that case I suggest you try a Password Reset to see what happens.

If non of that works, please Contact Us so I can help you solve the riddle 🙂

Payment Related FAQ’s

What Payment Forms Do You Accept?

You can pay via Paypal or most Credit and Debit Cards (if your debit card has a Mastercard or Visa logo printed on it, then you can use it to purchase on our website.

Are my Payments Secure?

Absolutely! We don’t even see your payment info and no payment details are ever stored on our website.

We make use of two of the largest payment processors on the Internet to process your payments on our behalf.

The one is Paypal and the other is Stripe. Paypal securely handles all the Paypal payments and Stripe securely handles all the Credit / Debit card payments.

All information you enter on our website as well as on their websites is fully encrypted to ensure nobody can see this information.

For your own peace of mind you can double check that there is a lock icon next to our website name during the checkout process to indicate that all communication is secure and encrypted.

Once you have sucessfully paid at Paypal or Stripe, they send us a “Payment Successful” signal which our website uses to unlock your class for you.

I Want To Remain Anonymous on Your Website?
You can absolutely do that, no problem.

When you join you are welcome to use fake names so that admins do not know who you are.

When you join you also get to choose a username, which you can call anything you want.

Other members can only see your username so will never know who you are unless you personally tell them.

When you join you will need to give a genuine email address. Only admins will ever see this email address, but if you don’t even want us to know your usual email address, you can always create yourself a free email address through third party services like Gmail then use that email address when joining.

Technical Related FAQ’s

My Video Won't Play

All our videos run through our Youtube channel so if you can watch Youtube videos then you should be able to access our classes.

If the class video is not playing it is usually an Internet access problem. Ensure you have a good WiFi signal when watching the classes.

Often just moving closer to the router or to a room with a stronger signal will solve this problem.

If that doesn’t work, try these solutions in order:

1) Refresh the page
2) Restart the Browser and try again
3) Ensure nobody else is using up all the bandwidth (like the kids playing online games at the same time)
4) Restart your device and try again

If none of these solutions work, please Contact Us so I can help you fault find.

How do I View the Handouts?

The vast majority of class handouts are in pdf format.

By default your device should have a pdf reader installed. In the case that it doesn’t then you can click HERE to Google a free pdf reader download for your device.

The second most common download file type is a .jpg image format. Most devices will also have an image viewer installed already. If your device can’t view .jpg files then you can click HERE to Google a solution for your device.

Any other file type will have instructions with it on what software you need to open the specific file type.

Failing that feel free to Contact Us so I can help you find a solution.