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There are classes and courses in many mediums on the site.
There are painting classes in watercolor, oil and acrylic.
There are drawing classes in graphite, soft pastel and pen & ink. Then there are courses in other mediums as well like scratchboarding and mixed media.

Each class is in real time and generally about two hours long.

They are created so you can pack out your paints etc. then work along to the video, pausing and rewinding as needed.

After you have completed the class, you can post it for feedback on the forum.

Once you unlock a class it remains open which means you can watch it as often as you like 24/7.

In other words as you purchase the classes you are basically building up yourself a library of art classes that you can refer to again and again 🙂

Acrylic Painting Classes

How to paint soap bubbles
How to paint soap bubbles

Pencil Drawing Classes

Oil Painting Classes

How to paint on feathers

Watercolour Painting Classes

Pastel Drawing Classes

Pen & Ink Drawing Classes

How to sketch a face in cross hatching
Paint Basket Art Classes
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