How to Draw Sheep in Pasture in Pastel

Skill Level: 1 Beginner
Medium: Pastel Drawing
Subject: Animals
Tutor: Dennis Clark
Class Length: 1 Hour 21 Minutes


Class Description

Pastural scenes are always restful and refreshing. There just seems to be something about sheep grazing in the fields. I suppose it is because they are such docile creatures.

In this lesson you will learn:

1.  How to produce the distant haziness
2.  How to simplify the background trees
3.  How to emphasize the sunlit field
4. How to paint the tree in silhouette
5.  How to add sparkle to the bushes on the left
6.  How to Paint the flowers in the foreground.
7.  How to add life to the scene – adding sheep


2 reviews for How to Draw Sheep in Pasture in Pastel

  1. Susan P. (verified owner)

    As always, a pleasure to follow your classes. It was my first experience of pastel – loved it! Can’t wait to try some more….

  2. gloria fischer (verified owner)

    excellent step by step tutorial, I recommend doing it.

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