How to Paint Windows in Watercolour

Skill Level: 1 Beginner
Medium: Watercolor Painting
Subject: Still Life
Tutor: Dennis Clark
Class Length: 1 Hour 56 Minutes


Class Description

Just look at all the various types of windows there are to see when you are traveling around the towns and villages. Many look the same, but then are also  lots and lots of different types. Each one of them have their own distinctive characteristics and moods. The more quaint they are the more paintable they become. Some have shutters while others have window boxes full of brilliant flowers.

In this lesson you will learn:

1.  How to paint the roof tiles
2.  How to paint the window and shutter boards
3.  How to add the fence
4.  How to paint the impression of vegetation
5.  How to add the figure behind the window



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