Introduction to Watercolour Painting

Skill Level: 1 Beginner
Medium: Watercolor Painting
Subject: Flowers, General
Tutor: Dennis Clark
Class Length: 2 Hours 05 Minutes


Class Description

This is the start of a wonderful journey into the world of watercolour painting. Is is different to the other mediums in that it is a living medium. What do I mean by that? No other medium has the ability to just let the pigments automatically flow and mingle on its own without the artist even touching it! This quality, and its transparency, lets the artist manipulate it into some wonderful visuals. It is a challenge, it is a skill, but it can be mastered. Join with me on this journey to you becoming a Master Artist.

In this lesson you will learn:

1.   The introduction to watercolour painting
2.  The importance of Drawing Skills
3.  The basic Sketches of Cosmos Flowers
4.  The wet-in wet technique
5.  How to paint a Bunch of Cosmos flowers


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