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The 12 Secrets of Reflective Water


(11 customer reviews)

Class Description

In this theory lesson you will learn what the 12 secrets are to painting and drawing realistic reflective water. Without these 12 elements your water will never look real, shiny or wet.

Note that this is not a practical painting class, but a theory class.

The practical follow on class for this lesson is HERE.


11 reviews for The 12 Secrets of Reflective Water

  1. Elizabeth Au (verified owner)

    I didn’t finish this lesson yet, but it is really something I want to learn.

  2. Harald Skog (verified owner)

    Very instructive and helpful for the understanding. Harald

  3. Debra (verified owner)

    Very informative, Nolan is easy to learn from. I recommend this course.

  4. VIA (verified owner)

    Great Class! Refracted, Reflections and Distortions in water explained very well. Greatly recommend.

  5. Cindy (verified owner)

  6. Rich Andersen (verified owner)

    understanding the angles of reflection gave me confidence to paint water

  7. Doug Elliot (verified owner)

    Excellent. Very informative.Thank you

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very informational. A must for serious students.

  9. Kathy (verified owner)

    I love to understand why I am doing something, so finding a class that explains what is happening is as valuable as the time I take painting.

  10. liz (verified owner)

    I finally did a painting with rock forms under shallow water. First the rocks were too dark and I had to tone them down; then to get them to look like they were under the water (water over them) sure was tricky. It looks like I should do more paintings with reflections! Thanks for all your help and teachings!

  11. Miroslav Borský (verified owner)

    I am just a greenhorn, this is my current level:

    • Nolan59 (store manager)

      You are doing great so far Miroslav 🙂

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